A wide choice...

A wide choice of hotels

Millions of tourists and other visitors fly to Cyprus every year, and there are thousands of hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels etc catering to these. We will, of course, help you with information and tips about accommodation anywhere on the island, but we know more about the Paphos region as we live and work there.

If you read this, chances are that you are interested in a holiday home in Cyprus. If so, you may be thinking about taking a trip in order to find out more about the opportunities available, in which case a suitable hotel most likely will be on your check list. We do not offer free or subsidised inspection trips. We do, however, promise to take very good care of you and make your Cyprus trip a memorable event, whatever you choose to do.

Prices vary with the seasons and you must expect higher rates in mid-summer. But come before or after the big tourist rush and you will find a quieter, more laid back and less expensive Cyprus. As always, it pays to book rooms well in advance.

Below we have listed just a few hotels in the western part of the island that we know to offer excellent value for money. Some of them medium priced, some more expensive – whatever your taste and budget. Should you not find anything suiting your needs, there´s always the internet, but please do not hesitate to contact us for more options.