Suite 48

”Suite 48” – Grill & Lounge Bar on the beach

Suite 48 enjoys a unique and wonderful location. In particular, we think, as the day draws to an end and the sun starts sinking in the Mediterranean right in front of your eyes. It is good for the soul to relax here, sitting on the lawn outside looking at the sea and the sunset and ruminate on what the day has brought you. – A cool beer or, perchance, a Mojito, will contribute to your peace of mind and utter enjoyment.

If you are hungry, this excellent establishment offers a good menu where our personal favourite is the ”New Yorker” sandwich. Bring a friend and convince her or him that one New Yorker should be shared; it´s more than enough for two. The menu is delightfully different from most other eateries (we like that) and the staff friendly and efficient.

You may, of course, sit inside where it is not so hot. In the summer you are best advised to come here for an early lunch outside, or as mentioned above, just before the sun sets, for your dinner.

The address is Poseidonos Ave 48; it´s about one kilometer along the beach road eastwards from Paphos Harbour where the Triangle lies. Reservations may be made on +357 26 91 08 08.